About Annette

I’m Annette de Lancey Giacomazzi. As a serial business owner and author of the upcoming book, “Till Business Do Us Part, How To Thrive in Your Business & Survive an Unsupportive Husband” I wear many hats* (*or juggle many roles).  My young adult children—and my two best blessings—Max and Elli—are thriving beyond college.  Their dad, Rick, is amazingly funny and smart, a seasoned golfer, a dedicated fixer of everything, and has claim to the brightest blue eyes this side of the Rockies. That said, our marriage was beset with agonizing lows. I fought long and hard to reconcile and restore it to the very end, but it gasped its last breath just before Christmas 2018. A marriage of over 23 years was declared “terminated” by the California court system. Our children will bear our sins and suffering for years if not generations.  I pray my outcome doesn’t become yours. The pain of divorce, especially when children are involved, is grave, real and raw.

24 years ago I legally took the name Annette Giacomazzi in honor of my marriage and my soon-to-be born children.  But my birth name, Annette de Lancey, is bringing me back home and back to joy.

I learned just as much about our relationship as I have about myself while I was channeling my entrepreneurial spirit.  The latest and definitely most fun business I created, CastCoverz!, has been a fantastic training ground for building a product business from scratch, mastering e-commerce sales, attaining profitability, managing employees, navigating the heavenly highs and the lowest lows of business, giving my customers the attention they deserve (spoiler alert: or was it me that needed it so I gave it to them in spades??), and so much more. I almost lost the business twice, and I turned the Titanic around, with even with its sides split open and belching smoke.  It’s been a wild ride!  Visit here to learn more about my business, CastCoverz!  Be sure to check out our About and Publicity pages, too.

What you probably don’t know about me:

  • I’m from Minnesota.  Nicest. People. Ever.
  • CastCoverz! celebrated its 10th year, in business, March 2019.
  • I am a child of divorce.  Thank you, Dad and Mom, for marrying Kathy and David, respectively.  They brought much more into my life than what I lost by your divorce.
  • I believe marriage is a bedrock institution that builds strong families.  When a marriage ends, a safety net rips in two.   Even with that belief, I learned I couldn’t fix it or save mine.
  • I believe men add value and perspective to a household.  I raised my son to respect women and be a man. I raised my daughter to stand on her own two but lean against a man as a partner.  Media today mock men and make them out to be idiots.  Not in my house.
  • I managed political campaigns.
  • I love classic rock and classical music.
  • The YMCA rocks.
  • I am small business’ best advocate.
  • Bless her heart, my 21 y.o. daughter, Elli, has broken 19 bones.  Two before she was 2! No, she doesn’t have Brittle Bone Disease.  Her 6th broken bone, at 10, was the inspiration for my blockbuster business, CastCoverz! My 23-year old son, Max, has never broken a bone and he named the company (great story).
  • My sister, Kaye de Lancey, a 3-time cancer survivor, is my shero. We laugh and snort at exactly the same cadence and timing. Hysterical. My bro, Dwight, is quirky and smart.
  • Even though I was told otherwise and I was 36, Rick and I were blessed with our son, followed by our daughter, 19 months later.   Thank you, God, for their lives.
  • I’ve had 3 rounds of braces.
  • I am counter-culture: I think men are very important and add value and significance to women and children’s lives. I raised my son to be a strong provider, protector, supporter and champion of women.  I raised my daughter to provide for herself and look for a man as a partner in life and love.  My prayer to my children is not to follow in my marriage mis-steps, instead make their own trail using discernment and kindness as their compass knowing that each person they meet has value just as much they do.
  • I’ve managed lupus for 30 years and I’m a 10-year breast cancer survivor.    Thank you, God, for my life. Thank you, Crystel, for pushing me to see the doctor.
  • I love to work.  I mean, I LOVE TO WORK.
  • I do NOT believe people deserve to be happy.  They may want it.  They may even think they need it.  Are people happy?  I hope many.  But, no one deserves happiness. It’s a platitude and philosophy that messes with people’s heads and wreaks havoc on their lives.
  • My daughter and I were in a horrific car accident May 2015, 3 weeks before her high school graduation.  3 cars were totaled and many bones were broken. First responders thought she was DOA. Life unequivocally changed in that one single moment. You can read about that on the CastCoverz! Blog. Thank you, God, for your providence and healing. My daughter, Elli, is alive, doing well and is my SHERO.
  • I love capitalism. I also tithe, donate and volunteer my time to help those in (temporary) need.
  • St. John’s knits are gorgeous!
  • I have girlfriends spread across the US that are ALWAYS there for me. There is nothing like girlfriends to get you through your darkest hours and to share in your most joyful events!
  • I am a voracious reader and a recovering hoarder of books.  A few years back, I counted all my books, estimated the length of time it would take to read them all, and realized I would be 86 years old.  I started to pare down to my essential readers.
  • I’m a woman of faith. My faith is practical. It grounds me, allowing me to surrender to something way bigger than me (YAY! I’m not in control of the universe!), and brings me clarity, purpose, and peace. My business is steeped in my faith.  My 23-year-old son’s depth of faith is inspiring.  My daughter’s faith is currently silent. But, I have faith in her. I pray for my children and their dad (not a man of faith), my business, my customers, employees, and so many in need, every day.
  • My mantra is, “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” and “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!”

Do you have a question or just want to reach out?  Please email your (kind and thoughtful) questions and comments to Annette@TillBusinessDoUsPart.com

Love (because we don’t give or receive enough of it),