About Annette


I’m Annette de Lancey. 

As a serial business owner and author of the upcoming book, “Till Business Do Us Part, How To Thrive in Your Business & Survive an Unsupportive Husband” I juggle many roles.  My son and daughter, adult children in their 20’s , are my two best blessings.  And now I can add mom-in-law and a grandmother-to-be to my roles!

I have an entrepreneurial spirit.  The latest and definitely most fun business I created is CastCoverz!

Building a manufacturing company from scratch is not for the faint of heart.  Heck, starting any company is tough! You gotta love business and especially yours to reap the benefits.  Like most people in business, I had to master sales and customer servcie, manage supply chains and employees, agonize over cash flow and taxes, and be creative with designs and content. 

But, even with all that attention, I almost lost the business twice. But, I turned her around.  How?  Through massive trial and error.  I learned how to get my head back in the game, (finally) get profitable, created systems and processes to get results fast, and found support from all the right people.  Then COVID-19 hit and it proved to me profitability, systems, and support worked!  What a wild ride! 

 Visit here to learn more about my business, CastCoverz!  Be sure to check out our About and Publicity pages, too.

Other nice to know info…

  • I’m from Minnesota.  Nicest. People. Ever.
  • I am small business’ best advocate.
  • Bless her heart, my 23 y.o. daughter, Elli, has broken 22 bones, that we know of.  Two before she was 2! No, she doesn’t have Brittle Bone Disease.  Her 6th broken bone, at 10, was the inspiration for my blockbuster business, CastCoverz! My 24-year old son, Max, has never broken a bone and he named the company (great story—ask me about it sometime!).
  • I am counter-culture: I think men are very important and add value and significance to women and children’s lives, and to their household.  Media mocks men and makes them out to be idiots.  Not in my house. I raised my son to be a man.  A man protects his woman’s heart above all else, provides, supports and is a champion of women. I raised my daughter to stand on her own but lean against a man as side-by-side partner in life and love.    
  • I’m a lupus, 2 fires, a flood, horrific car wreck with my daughter, 11-year breast cancer, and divorce survivor. 
  • I’m a woman of faith. My faith is practical. It grounds me, allowing me to surrender to something way bigger than me (YAY! I’m not in control of the universe!), and brings me clarity, purpose, and peace. 
  • My super power is laser focusing on what someone needs in their business NOW.   
  • I believe having an unsupportive husband shouldn’t prevent you from building the business that you love. 

Do you have a question or just want to reach out?  Please email your (kind and thoughtful) questions and comments to Annette@TillBusinessDoUsPart.com

Love (because we don’t give or receive enough of it),