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Are You Building a Business That You Love,                            But Your Husband Doesn’t?

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                         Is your husband supportive of your business?  Of you?  

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The Strategies You Want

The Support You Need

The Success You Desire

Are you being limited from achieving your business goals by your unsupportive husband?


Distracted By Arguments?


Losing Confidence in Your Decisions?


Not Feeling Heard?


Thinking of Giving Up, Giving In or Accepting Mediocre Results?

You’re Not Alone

I understand the loneliness, frustration, and distraction of having a husband who did not support my business. A business that I loved.

 I  confess. I almost gave up on my business twice.

But, that all changed once I developed a process that turned my failing, unprofitable manufacturing company into a wildly successful, sustainable business.

I’m excited to introduce my flagship course, “Your Success. My Support.” 

I will share the science behind how a lack of support from your primary relationship (your husband) affects your business and what you can do about it.  I will show you how to grow your business, profitably and sustainably, so your business serves your customers, your employees, your family, and you.  Most importantly, you’ll get the support not only from me but from a community of women just like you. 

Let’s lead your business to success, together. 
Annette de Lancey

Learn The Framework I Used To Turn Around My Business.

Over eight weeks, you’ll discover the:

  • Science behind the why and the how your unsupportive husband affects your business and what you can do about it (and what you can’t).
  • Distraction Vortex and techniques to master the distraction of having an unsupportive husband.
  • 8 Parallels in Business & Marriage (your business and marriage don’t operate in independent silos).
  • One-Page Business Plan and how it can simply clarify your business’ mission and vision. 
  • Principles of Profit First eradicating entrepreneurial poverty. 
  • Tips and scripts to navigate negative comments.
  • Strength, focus, and confidence in your abilities.

Best of all, you’ll finally have the support you’ve always wanted so your company serves your customers, your employees, your community, your family, and you.

Overcome Distractions, Obstacles and Challenges 

AND Build a Profitable Business You Love with this Powerful Framework:

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Knowledge is the first step in your journey. Knowing where you are helps you decide where you need to go.  The free Assessment will determine if you’re building a business you love, but your husband doesn’t.

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If the assessment reveals you have an unsupportive husband, what’s next?  Enroll in the “Your Success. My Support.” 8-week live course where you’ll receive the strategies and support you need to guide your business to success. 

Build Your Business

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                 “Having an unsupportive husband shouldn’t prevent                                      you from building the business that you love.”                                                                                                                                                    Annette de Lancey



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Till Business Do Us Part: How to Thrive in Your Business & Survive Your Unsupportive Husband reflects on the collective experience of  women business owners with unsupportive husbands. Learn how to grow your business despite having an unsupportive husband. 

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Dr. Stephanie O'Leary

P.C. and Westchester Psychological Services Author of “Parenting in the Real World” and forthcoming book, “Relationships in the Real World”

Annette has turned the flashlight on this last “taboo” subject… women business owners suffering in isolation from an unsupportive husband and not realizing that their business is impacted. Annette is transparent, direct, but with a warm, supportive, encouraging approach, and passionate about spreading her message of empowerment. You’ll learn why the health (or dysfunction) of your primary relationship affects your business and what you can do to ensure that your business moves ahead. Annette shares priceless, practical strategies and tools that will help you transform not only your business, but your sense of self as an entrepreneur and partner.

Dr. Tamara Monosoff

Product Entrepreneur, Author, Creator of the Highly Acclaimed “Author-to-Income Formula Training.”

In my work with entrepreneurs of the past decade, I have witnessed first-hand the emotional damage that can occur when a smart, creative woman is being ridiculed or even subtly minimized with underhanded comments (or actions) by her spouse. Annette has lived this, and despite the challenges, successfully built a seven-figure e-commerce and manufacturing business. Annette knows how to navigate these challenging circumstances, and offers woman business owners concrete, and often overlooked, principles to propel your business forward. Annette is the real deal. She will give you the hug and shove you need to succeed.