Reasonable Republican: I lived it, I’m not voting for it.

Reasonable RepublicanI’m a Republican.  But, I prefer to describe myself as a Reasonable Republican.  2016 will mark the first election in my 40+ years of voting that I won’t vote for the party candidate, Mr. Trump. Why? Because I can’t vote for a man that is so destructive.  He’s all about polarizing, not reconciliation. He’s about dividing, not creating unity.  He tears down, instead of building up. He’s about preserving his ego, his identity, his created image. And he preys on fears. Because I finally understand the wisdom that the words that come out of a man’s (or woman’s) mouth comes from the heart. And he has clearly told America who he is.

  • He defiles women, degrades minorities, mocks the handicapped and hurls insults on a whim.   You’ve heard the comments and seen the video clips.  I won’t give him anymore screen time by posting them. Nor will I use his name anymore.
  • Even with massive information to the contrary, he twists and manipulates the truth to serve his purposes. And somehow you start thinking, “Well, maybe he really did mean…” It’s a slippery slope down that rabbit hole, America.  And a much harder one to get out of.
  • He manipulates the rules to serve himself.
  • Impulsivity is fun at the beginning, but it wears thin very quickly.  Stability is what we all need and deserve. And as the leader of the free world, that’s what we must have.
  • Habitual gas-lighting to the point you’re not sure about your memory and eventually you question your sanity. Luckily we have video and audio to remind ourselves of the truth.
  • He lives by feelings, not by principles.
  • He puts others down and thinks it’s OK.
  • Shifting sands and false foundations.  Even if a plan is presented, he changes it along the way.   Nothing is wrong with reassessing and changing directions if it’s for the good of the whole or there is good reasoning behind it.  But, what’s unsettling is you’re operating on Plan A and he’s switched it to Plan B without telling you and you’re supposed to have somehow known about it.  Add in the chaos if you don’t conform and you’ve got a hot mess.
  • He’s reactive vs. moderate in response.
  • Yes, he loves women. As property.  When he’s bored of them or they don’t give him what he thinks he deserves or they don’t fall in line, they are discarded.
  • Lacking a solid knowledge of the basic constructs and history of our constitution.
  • I don’t care if he is narcissistic or a jerk.  He doesn’t care about me, you or us.  So let’s move away, far away, from his mistreatment of everyone.
  • If you express yourself and it doesn’t comply to his way of thinking, you’re nothing to him. You’re disposable.  As business mogul, Shark Tank judge and CNBC commentator often espouses, “You’re dead to me.”
  • Apologies are either too easy or not sincere.  Nevertheless, there is no remorse.  There’s a significant amount of, “Can you just get over this?” vs. “What can I do to make you feel safe with me, again?”
  • You leave a conversation with him confused and doubts surface about your own personal truth.

My dear America, it’s a privilege to vote.  But, the Republican candidate has told us who he is. Voting him as President could send us down the biggest rabbit hole this country has ever Reasonable Republicanexperienced.  Why? Because our culture, our vision, our values all start at the top.  Whether it be the parent(s) of a family, the principal of a school, the CEO of a company, or the President of the United States of America. We would constantly be defending our very person-hood vs. thriving to be our best. If we are continually in defense mode, we can’t flourish or thrive. It would be a systemic failure.  The great contemporary poet, Maya Angelou said it best (and often quoted by Oprah),  “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Let’s believe what he says and vote; for anyone other than the Republican candidate.

If we vote for him, we would only have ourselves to blame.  Part of the privilege of voting is the opportunity to write in a candidate. You don’t have to vote for the other candidate(s).  I’m not a betting woman, but if I was, I would wager that Mickey Mouse or Disneyland (The Happiest Place on Earth) gets more votes this year than any other year.

Excuse me while I listen to some uplifting music, smell some flowers, turn my head toward the sun and the heavens, and get a warm hug from a child.

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